New Branding and Website for 2018


We are so excited to announce our church rebrand is complete!  You have probably already seen our new logo, a copper saguaro. We have intentionally spent a lot of time, energy, and thought on the meaning of our new logo.  We chose a saguaro for a few reasons. First, they are very durable, enduring plants that grow slowly and steadily, surviving droughts and extreme weather.  Additionally, saguaros are a safe place for desert animals to find water and shelter.  Our hope is to be a similar, life-giving refuge to those people who might be hurting. 

Aside from being beautiful, copper is significant in Arizona as it is one of our primary mining resources. In the human body, it plays a vital role in cell functions, particularly in wound healing.  Just as copper plays a major healing function in the human body, Desert City Church provides a place for spiritual and emotional healing by the power of the Holy Spirit.  While these images of beauty, strength and healing are small in comparison to the work that is ahead of us, every time we look at them we can remember why we exist as a church.

We are Desert City Church. We are a community following Jesus, loving people, experiencing life that is truly life.  Let's share this refuge with others in our community.