“For worship to be as glorious as it should be, for it to lift people out of their mundane cares and fill them with adoration and praise, for it to be the life-changing and life-defining experience it was designed to be, it must be inspired by a vision so great and glorious that what we call worship will be transformed from a routine gathering into a transcendent meeting with the living God. When that happens, then we will be caught up in our spirits to join the heavenly choirs of saints and angels who even now are gathered around the throne of God.  Thereafter, our hearts and minds will be filled with the hope of glory so that we may truly love and serve the Lord in this life.”

-Allen Ross, Recalling the Hope of Glory

I can’t think of anything I’d rather do with my life than to inspire people to participate in a transcendent meeting with the living God. These past few weeks as we’ve learned about how God speaks to us, I can’t help but feel like worship should be our response to His voice, His movement, His provision, and His perfect love in our lives.

Not only do we experience God’s presence in worship, but a powerful, sin crushing love that satisfies our soul the way that nothing else can.  This incomprehensible love drives out fear and brings freedom from sin. 

Desert City Church, God’s affection for you and for His Church is life-changing and real. Let’s meet together on Sunday to pursue this freedom together and be reminded of what He has accomplished through Jesus.